How To Use Science To Get Better Bar Service

A study on how body language affects who bartenders serve will help teach a robotic barkeep to recognize new customers.

How To Get Served

There’s no better way to combine a love of drinking and a love of technology than by employing the services of a robot bartender. We’ve seen many a drink-pouring prototype, but to program a truly viable machine bartender that can take orders in a natural setting, scientists have to break down the fundamentals of the bar experience–like when exactly a customer wants to order.….MORE


About Indian Rocks Bridge

We have a HUGE responsibility to protect our children and their futures. Our Gulf of Mexico has nearly been destroyed by the Deep-water Horizon catastrophe and many families here will never recover. Paradise lost, so it goes. I’m doing my best to apolitically educate anyone that cares about the impact on our environment by technology and “for-profit” progress. We forget, too frequently that we SHARE this planet with millions of other life-forms and as the most “powerful” species, we must be more cognizant of our greed versus the well-being of our planet. Thanks again for visiting and please check back often. -Gregg
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