Award-winning animal photos capture nature’s posers

Sunbathing Heron by Emma Collins

Highly Commended, Junior entry in The Perfect Moment category

Who says birds can’t do yoga? Poised gracefully on a beach on Kaafu Atoll in the Maldives, this heron is spreading its wings to catch some sun. After a tropical rainstorm, it adopts the pose to dry off the underside of its wings.

(Image: Emma Collins/ZSL)

Greedy Green Gecko by Jeremy Cusack

Highly Commended, Weird and Wonderful category

A green gecko perches on a papaya, blending in with the surrounding fruit. Photographed on the Sahamalaza peninsula in northern Madagascar, its colouring helps it hide from predators. It is able to perch confidently on the fruit thanks to hairs on its feet which provide a gravity-defying grip.

(Image: Jeremy Cusack/ZSL)

Parrotfish Portrait by Michael GallagherHighly Commended, Deep and Meaningful category

Its cheeks dappled with pink spots, this parrotfish looks like it is blushing. The tropical species is known for its bright colouring, which can change with its age. Parrotfish have also been known to change their shape and gender.

(Image: Michael Gallagher/ZSL)



About Indian Rocks Bridge

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