4 New Legless Lizards Discovered In California

                       They’re not snakes. One species lives right by LAX……….
Anniella grinnelli
   Anniella grinnelli This is one of four new species of Anniella recently discovered in California. Photo by Alex Krohn

You always knew there was something creepy about LAX. Now, a pair of researchers has discovered four new species of legless lizards—technically not snakes—one of which lives underneath the dunes at the end of a runway at LAX. The others live in other sandy areas in California.

Anniella grinnelli Face

           Anniella grinnelli<Face>: Unlike true snakes,this legless lizard has eyelids and can blink.                                                                                                                               Photo by James Parham, CSU-Fullerton

Although they look alike, legless lizards and snakes are only distantly related. If you trace their evolutionary history back far enough, snakes and other legless lizard species all descended from lizards, but after they split into different groups, the different groups each lost their legs independently. This means that while snakes are legless lizards, not all legless lizards are snakes.….MORE


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