Bob Dylan will finally collect the Legion d’Honneur

Bob Dylan performs on stage during the Vieilles Charrues music festival on July 22, 2012 in Carhaix-Plouguer, western France. [AFP]

Bob Dylan will on Wednesday finally collect a French award he was almost denied because of his pot-smoking and protesting past, officials confirmed on Tuesday.   Dylan, 72, will emulate Paul McCartney as one of only a handful of foreigners to receive the Legion d’Honneur.   The veteran US singer is in the French capital this week for three nights of concerts.   He was nominated for the award by avowed Dylan fan Aurelie Filippetti, France’s minister of culture.   The nomination was blocked temporarily earlier this year after army general Jean-Louis Georgelin, the Grand Chancellor of the Legion, voiced reservations about Dylan’s use of cannabis and anti-war politics.   Georgelin finally agreed to grant the award after a review of the “chaotic life and lyrics of an exceptional artist who is recognised in his own country and throughout the world as a major singer and a great poet”.….MORE


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2 Responses to Bob Dylan will finally collect the Legion d’Honneur

  1. sarasinart says:

    I see no problem with a pot smoking and protesting past……..and my 42 year old son’s name is Dylan, lol! The man has always been a hero and musical genius.


  2. Yep, there was a time when you could stand up and speak your mind without worrying about being droned-out in your own back yard but…. the times they have a’chang-ed. But to this day, sometimes even the president of these United States sometimes must have to stand naked.


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