Dove’s Latest Ad Entails Tricking Women to Wear Fake Beauty Patches

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Dove may have struck advertising gold last year with its “Real Beauty Sketches” ad, but not everyone is praising its latest attempt at a viral video in which women were given beauty patches for two weeks as part of an experiment and then told the whole thing was fake.   In the ad, the women tell the camera that the patches, which they diligently stuck to their arms to “enhance the way they perceive their own beauty,” have made them feel great and want to show off their arms and smile at people and go dress-shopping.   “It’s definitely been a life-altering experience,” one woman tells the psychologist at the end of the experiment, as the camera cuts to each of them detailing its beauty-boosting effects in turn.   Then, the psychologist hands them a piece of paper that describes what’s in the beauty patch they’ve been putting on their bodies and documenting for the previous two weeks: Nothing.   For some reason, they giggle. And then they cry.…MORE


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