About US

May 30, 2013 6:08 am

We have a HUGE responsibility  to protect our children and their futures. Our Gulf of Mexico has  nearly been destroyed by the Deep-water Horizon catastrophe and many families here will never recover. Paradise lost, so it goes.
I’m doing my best to apolitically educate anyone that cares about the impact on our environment by technology and “for-profit” progress. We forget, too frequently that we SHARE this planet with millions of other life-forms and, as the most “powerful” species, we must be more cognizant of our greed versus the well-being of our planet. Thanks again for visiting and please check back often.    -Gregg        indianrocksbridge@yahoo.com


4 Responses to About US

  1. sarasinart says:

    Wow, what a wealth of info you have on your blog. I’ll follow you and take some time to explore in here.


  2. Anonymous says:

    great site and blog


  3. archecotech says:

    Excellent blog, will be back to explore more.


  4. Capt Jill says:

    I found your blog when I noticed your name in a comment on twng32’s blog. I grew up near Indian Rocks Beach (in Madeira Beach/Treasure Island) and spent plenty of time at the shipyard there. The pic you have of the Pub brings back some good memories.
    You’ve got some great stuff here on your blog! I’m really enjoying looking through it.


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