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NASA to livestream Supermoon total lunar eclipse

The supermoon total lunar eclipse, a rare astronomical event, will be visible to much of the world. And for those experiencing bad weather in parts of the U.S., NASA will live stream the supermoon eclipse….MORE Advertisements

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SpaceX Falcon-9 goes BOOM

Officials issue warning about debris from failed Space X launch.   Falcon 9 explodes over Atlantic, but debris could wash ashore. The Patrick Air Force Base said if debris washes ashore, it would be on beaches north of the Cape Canaveral … Continue reading

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Latest SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch set for 10:21 a.m.

SpaceX will also again attempt to land a portion of its rocket on a floating ship. If successful, it’ll be the first time that has ever been done…MORE

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Falcon 9 rocket launches, carrying Turkmenistan satellite

CAPE CANAVERAL — A Falcon 9 rocket is now heading to space, carrying the first satellite for Turkmenistan.   Skies over Cape Canaveral Air Force Station had been overcast all day Monday, and there was only a 60 percent chance of … Continue reading

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Weather 60% ‘GO’ for SpaceX launch, Turkmenistan satellite

The launch window opens up at 6:14 p.m. tonight from complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.   The satellite was made by Thales Alenia Space and once launched, SpaceX says the satellite will provide enhanced, secure telecommunications for … Continue reading

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Spock’s Gone

Leonard Nimoy, world famous to “Star Trek” fans through a beloved cult TV series and a half-dozen films as the pointy-eared, purely logical science officer Mr. Spock, has died. Nimoy’s son, Adam, says the actor died Friday morning in Los … Continue reading

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“Two Tens for a Five”

itz gotta be the FULL MOON ………feed your head………………………..

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